JUVENILE DESIGNER PHANTOMS - ALL PHANTOMS - NO TAILS - Yellow, Orange, Red Base Colors - Quantity Discounts Available!

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Designer Phantoms - ALL PHANTOMS!

I've been picking holdback Phantoms for several months and realized I had a lot more than I have room to raise up.  These were selected for color and pattern for my own personal growouts. Phantoms and their various combos are hot right now, which is why I'm building up my projects so aggressively.  This is a great opportunity to start a new Phantom project or add the Phantom gene to some existing ones.  We are focusing on Red, Yellow, Orange and Tangerine pigment in our Phantoms, so these are the colors you'll see most prevalent.  We do produce some dark/black phantoms, but they're few and far between at the moment - and hard to pick out from reds at a young age. Other traits include Tiger, Whiteout/Whitewall, Highlighted Pinstripe Scales, Lateral Striping, Dalmatian (red and black spots), White Portholes and more.  Many of these will have the Soft Scale gene as well, though I have a hard time picking them out...that is until I produce Phantom Super Softs (those are easy to spot and then you know both parents are softs!). 


Size: 4-10+ grams

These are being sold as "no-tails", but some will have tails.  You won't care either way, when you see them!

Base Colors

- Cream (C2)

- Yellow

- Orange

- Red

Possible Trait Combos

- Tangerine Pigment (huge to have in a Phantom for Lilly and Whitewall combos!)

- Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals

- Dalmatian Spots (Some will develop into Super Dalmatians)

- Soft Scale

- Highlighted Pinstripe & Lateral Striping

- Tiger Pattern

- Harry Structure

These should all develop great structure and will have the potential to grow large (60-80+ grams if fed and housed properly).