Wholesale: Designer Adult Female Gargoyle Geckos (35g plus) - No Minimum Order

Gargoyle Gecko - ADF
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Wholesale Designer Gargoyle Geckos - Subadult Female

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Sex: Female
Age: 9-12 Months Plus
Weight: 35g plus

These are from my own lines descended from founding stock from a variety of bloodlines and sources, all purchased 12-20 years ago.  The babies we offer today come from LARGE adults, many of which reach 80-100+ grams by 5 years of age.  

Wholesale geckos will be selected at random.  All you regulars know I always do my best to accommodate requests (if not one-up you), but we really cannot guarantee anything specific as it would require inventorying each morph/type, etc. And I'd have to pay help to do it, making them more expensive and slower to sell.

Base Colors:

- White

- Grey

- Black

- Dark Red

- Creamy White to Pale Yellow


- Striped

- Reticulated/Banded

- Red or Orange Blotch/Stripe (Low Expression)