HOT SELLER! - Wholesale > Special Offers > Mini-Motherload | 10 Juveniles + 10 Hatchlings + 5 FREE MIXED MORPHS | 25 geckos total!


Minimum quantity for "HOT SELLER! - Wholesale > Special Offers > Mini-Motherload | 10 Juveniles + 10 Hatchlings + 5 FREE MIXED MORPHS | 25 geckos total!" is 1.


This deal is not to be slept on...we have customers coming back for multiple bundles after getting their first!

The Mini Motherload

10 Hatchling Ultra High-End (Your Choice: Tails or No-Tails)
10 Juvenile Ultra High-End (No-Tails)
+5 FREE Mixed Morph Hatchlings


Sex: Unsexed - Some of the juveniles may be able to be loupe-sexed at this size, but I have not done so with these. We have never had an issue of ending up male heavy, so I don't worry about figuring out who is male/female until they're around 30 grams.  When you're working with geckos of this caliber, the males can often times be more valuable than females, just due to how fast genetics can be spread.  In 20 years plus, I've literally never had a complaint about sex ratios, so take that for what you will.

PLEASE NOTE: The Full-Tail Guarantee Option does not apply to juveniles in this package.


Visual Het Empty Back NEW
This gene is going to be a juggernaut in years to come.  The super empty back is going to give us everything we loved about Phantom, without killing the pattern we want.  These geckos will be various colors and combos.  Still in relatively low supply (Super Soft Super Empty Back goes for well over $2K on up), so I can't take any requests for certain colors on these.  If you're interested in the project, you'll be pleased to see a Het EB or two included in these packages.

Soft Scales & Possible Super Softs - Various Colors
We’re producing INSANE stuff in this project - Soft scale is doing big things when combined with bright colors. I have some stuff set aside for these packages that will blow you away as babies, and you’ll keep being blown away as you see them mature.

Pink-Red Harlequin/Pinstripes (Pink/Red & Cream and Tri-Colors)

We’re hatching a lot of these in particular right now - hatchlings that are obvious reds typically don’t turn out to be anything but awesome red adults.

Red Dalmatian & Possible Super Dalmatians

Our Dalmatians will develop new spots and existing spots will grow proportionately larger - many times a group of spots will become one big "ink" spot.  Some of these will become heavily spotted Super Dalmatians.  A good number of our Dalmatians will be Phantom Pins with the pinstripe structure and some white "highlighted" pinning.

C2 Projects - C2/Citrus & C2/Tangerine Line Yellows & Oranges

Not a ton of these, but these are some of the BEST yellows and oranges on the planet, hands down.They start off pale, but will blow you away as they grow.

Lavender and Lavender/Black & Cream Pinstripes & Quads
Many with Whiteout Laterals and/or Tangerine Pigment, lots of soft scales in this variety as well.

Jet Black Halloween Harlequins and Halloween Tri-Colors
Some of the nicest color and structure you’ve ever seen. Many are Soft Scales.

Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals
These have been worked into all of our top projects, so you’ll see some of that in a variety of projects.

Tangerine Pigment on All Kinds of Stuff!!
Tangerine is turning out to be just as cool with Lilly White and Whitewalls as I expected it to be, so we are focusing a LOT on this gene/pigment that I named and started developing in the 2004-2005 season.  There will be a good number of geckos with tangerine pigment, including some from my ultra-refined and intense "Bubblegum" line, which exhibit pink tones anywhere white/or cream markings are present.