Soft Scale + Phantom + Harry Line Structure + Tangerine + Margin Gene | Lineage: Wild-Collected Tiger x C2/Citrus/Tang Super Soft | 61g Male

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Sex: Male

Weight: 61g

This guy is an outcross from my wild-collected male's "WC" line bred into some seriously nice C2/Citrus Phantoms!

“Margin” Gene Info

The "Margin" gene is something I’ve had in the collection for a long time, so it’s not at all rare (though the really cool combos are).  However, in recent years we've discovered there's what appears to be a homozygous or "super" form of it.   In the heterozygous form, it's concentrated around the neck and head on the inside edge of the crests...not a lot of coverage, but very noticeable.  In the homozygous form, though, it runs the length of the dorsal from neck/head all the way down to the base of the tail.  Where things get cool is that on geckos with a pale or "hypo" appearing base color, Margin markings can be paler than surrounding markings, or they can be peach, orange or even pink (if Tangerine is present).  I expect we'll see some really cool combos incorporating this gene in the coming years.  The "experts" can put down their torches and pitchforks.  I'm not marketing this as a rare gene and I'm not charging a huge premium for it by itself.  The only thing new is we gave it a name, so that we can talk about it, and we're going to have fun seeing what we can do with it.

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