Super Soft Scale + Tangerine + Visual Het Empty Back + Whiteout Lateral Striping | Heavy Tangerine Pigment on Dorsal! | 65g Female

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Sex: Female

Weight: 65g

This gecko is 65 grams and is built like a young adult because she's from a Line of Tangerine on Lavender/Black Super Softs that get huge.  Big Head, the founding male of this sub-lineage, weighed in at 94 grams (no tail) at 5 years old.   He (and his eventually huge head) didn't seem to really fill out until he was in the 80 gram range, when we already thought he was big.  

Heads up - This is a Bubblegum line Tangerine (our most pink/intense Tangerine-tinted geckos) outcross, so the Tangerine pigment on her dorsal is WAY more intense than pics show...she'll most likely produce pink-tinted babies regardless of what you pair her with.  Would make a great pairing with another Tangerine-tinted whitewall or Lilly.

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