Super Soft Scale + Whiteout/Whitewall Laterals + Phantom + Dalmatian | C2/Citrus x Tangerine Lineage | 63g Female

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Sex: Female

Weight: 63g

Outstanding color and pattern on this  That's Soft Scale and the hypo gene from my C2 line doing what it does.

Being a single gene Dalmatian, rather than a homozygous (Super Dal), makes her a highly versatile breeder that you can use to make Dalmatians, Super Dalmatians and even non-Dalmatians.  I am a big fan of utilizing the offspring of female single gene Dalmatians (like this one) in multiple projects, which allows me to keep genetic diversity high and giving me breeding stock that can later be  outcrossed together, while still being genetically compatible in terms of colors and patterns.  And trust me, you want Dalmatian in there if you're going all out on a Phantom project - Super Dalmatians are just as popular as non-Dalmatians, especially with higher-end Phantoms - and they generally cost considerably more.

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